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Promoting prosperity and peace for those affected by war.

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Common Human Needs. We help people who have their lives torn by war, regardless of their race, religion and nationality  We collaborate with like-minded to achieve our objectives. We believe that we can help with a little thing that can make a big difference.


PAW is mainly focusing on helping to access necessary information and support for those in needs. We are a small group of volunteers, and our work is mainly funded via donations, fundraising, and with help of volunteers. We can help with Information and guidance for accessing health services, education, benefits, and access to other essential services.

Help people affected by war


Currently we're focusing all our resources on helping Ukrainians


Providing help and support to orphans in war-torn Ukraine

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Our work within the UK

Helping people from around the globe affected by war

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Our Team

Gita Evans

Gita Evans


I started working with children when I was 19. It was very challenging but at the same time interesting to watch them grow and become mature. I believe that every child deserves to have a quiet and fun childhood. Unfortunately, in today’s realities, many people including innocent children have to face violence, unfairness and endless days of war. I am very grateful for the ability to be a part of a PAW organisation and for the opportunity to meet great people from all over the world. I can help with: visa and emigration processes to the UK, school/college/university applications, taxes, benefits, opening bank accounts. I believe that only by helping and caring about each other we save the planet.

Lubov Zsikhotska

Lubov Zsikhotska

Co-Founder | Deputy Director

Luba is originally from Ukraine. Has lived and worked in London for the past 26 years. In her free time Luba volunteers for many charities that aims to transform lives. Passion for helping other never stop, so in 2014 Luba was one of the co-founders of PAW charity that support people effected by war. Her main focus within PAW is on wider strategy and fundraising.

Mariya Gurtova

Mariya Gurtova


Maria has a long-standing history with extensive experience of helping refugees and immigrants and those who flee their countries due to war or repressions. She worked as a volunteer with many organisations, providing help and support for those in need. As a trained Human Rights Advocate, she was supporting others in promoting and defending their basic human rights. Her passion for helping others was inspired by personal experience, as a refugee, and ability to understand the main challenges of adopting to a new life in a different country. Maria helps PAW to maintain administrative part of our organisation and keep a record of our valuable work as well as taking part in other activities within organisation.

Tel: +4478 8695 1269


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Svitlana (Ukraine, Irpin)
April 2022

My name is Svitlana, I am from the city of Irpin, near Kyiv. With the beginning of the war, my family and I were forced to evacuate our home. Since my son is 3 years old, and there is currently no safe place in Ukraine, the question arose, no matter where, but first of all, that my son should be in safe conditions, without 24-hour sirens and the threat of rocket fire. My brother, who is currently a volunteer in Ukraine, introduced us to Maria, who lives in England and is a member of the organization "PAW - People Affected by War". This is a person with a good heart and who really loves our Ukraine. Maria gladly agreed to help us, found sponsors for us - the most wonderful people in Great Britain, then spent her time filling in the data for obtaining a visa, all the time we were waiting for a visa she controlled the whole process, solved issues with a delay and as a result of a long wait, we received entry permit to Great Britain. Maria met us at Luton Airport, fed us, drove us to Brighton and personally introduced us to our sponsors. My family and I will be grateful to Maria all our lives for her help and support.

Olga (Ukraine)
March 2022

Hello, my name is Olga, I'm from Ukraine, but now I live in England under the program Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme. I want to thank Maria from “People Affected by War” for helping me apply for a visa and fly to England. These women helped me find a sponsor and have supported me ever since we met and still do. I am very grateful that they found a wonderful sponsor, who supports me every day and I thank Maria, who are constantly in touch and help to adapt in this country. I have been living in England for two months now and during this time I have successfully adapted to the country, found a job and are actively learning English.

Anastasia (Ukraine, Dnipro)
April 2020

Hello, We are a family of three, from Ukraine (Dnipro), who were forced to leave their hometown. My name is Anastasia, I am 25 years old. We are very grateful to organization “People Affected by War” who helped us quickly find a sponsor who sheltered us in England. We were helped to open a visa quickly, we successfully flew to England and have been here for a month. We are very grateful to all the people who helped us get to the UK. We live in very good conditions, all people are open, friendly and always help us. Thanks everyone who helped us.

Kseniia (Ukraine)
May 2022

Hello, I'm Kseniia from Ukraine and I would like to say THANK YOU to Mariya from People Affected by War as she helped me and my mum, sister to find a sponsor and move to the UK. We are so grateful for your support and help.

Help people affected by war

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